Motor Neuron Disease (MND)

Motor Neuron Disease

MND is where there is a problem with the nerves that travel to the muscles in order to tell them what to do, these nerves are known as ‘motor neurons’. Motor neurons are found in the brain and spinal cord.

How can we help at Complete Neuro Rehab with Motor Neuron Disease?

Although this disease is a rare condition, our Physiotherapists are experienced with supporting people with this diagnosis.

It is important to maintain muscle power, joint range of movement, confidence with movement and tone. We support you with joint goal setting at your initial assessment and then a specific therapy plan to maximise your movement. We are also able to provide Nutritional Therapy assessment and intervention.

The following treatment options would be available to you:

·     Electrical stimulation – to your muscles

·     Functional electrical stimulation (FES) on anFES bike or using the StellaBio stimulator in function

·     Treadmill training

·     Balance and co-ordination

·     Robotic movement devices

·     Postural and core muscle strengthening

·     Exercise therapy

·     Nutritional Therapy

·     Relaxation advice with neural dampening work


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