Luna Robotic EMG

Luna Robotic EMG


The Luna robotic EMG is a truly unique device that allows active training for any patient with a condition or diagnosis that has resulted in loss of function or loss of muscle mass or strength.

Luna EMG uses reactive electromyography to train the sensorimotor cortex. The patient’s movement is active - based on bioelectrical signals (EMG) acquired from the patient’s muscles. It is especially effective with clinical weakness patients, allowing more motor unit recruitment during muscle activation.

Revolution in Neuro-Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic therapy

The Luna’s main clinical implications are:

·     Increased Muscle strength

·     Increased range of movement

·     Increased co-ordination

·     Reduced tone/spasticity in affected muscles

Treatment through all stages of recovery

The Luna EMG is unlike any other rehabilitation device available as it targets the muscles that we want to strengthen. With Luna you can now start active assisted training even when the muscle contraction is only visible using the EMG and not palpable. Thanks to the contraction being controlled by the electromyogram, the action-reaction pattern of the sensory motor cortex is strengthened considerably leading to improved movement and improved clinical outcomes. It is particularly useful in the treatment of the following conditions:

·     Stroke/Brain Injuryrehabilitation

·     Spinal cord injuries and otherspinal conditions

·     Multiple Sclerosis, MotorNeurone Disease/ALS

·     Duchenne’s, Spinal MuscularAtrophy

·     Bone fracture/post-surgery rehab

·     Pelvic Floor incontinence

·     Any partial innervationneurological condition

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