Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy

We are a team of Physiotherapists and rehab specialists that believe by accessing the right facilities and services it can greatly improve your overall rehabilitation outcomes. We have built a special community rehab centre that is equipped with the very latest technology available on the market today. In order to maximise function and generate neurological recovery it is important that movement patterns are performed intensively, purposefully and repetitively. This is what allows the brain and nervous system to change, adapt and recover.

In order to facilitate the large number of repetitions that are needed we have invested in the very latest robotic, computer assisted and anti-gravity technologies that complement our traditional therapy and strengthening approaches to allow patients to perform literally thousands of repetitions in a very short amount of time. This allows the body to maintain function and produce a greater level of recovery that traditional therapy alone.

Our aim is to support our patients to live as full a life as possible, to achieve as much as they can, experience as much as possible and maximise their independence.

Physiotherapy Appointments

On your initial appointment your physiotherapist will assess your condition and provide you with a treatment programme tailored to your needs and your condition. Our physiotherapists will then provide a treatment programme and can also suggest any involvement required from any other health professionals if needed.

Our clinic is easy to find with provide free parking onsite and we can usually offer appointments within a few days of your enquiry, so no need to worry about lengthy delays in accessing the treatment that you need. All our Physiotherapists are registered members of the CharteredSociety of Physiotherapy and the Health Professions Council as well as being members of many specialist interest groups associated with neurological rehabilitation.

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Rehabilitation Packages

Package 1

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 3

= 25 hrs per week (5 hrs per day)

Package 2

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 5

= 5hrs per day on 3 days per week

Package 3

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 6

= 2.5 hrs per day for 6 weeks

Package 4

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 10

= 2.5 hrs per day on 3 days per week

Package 5

hours of treatment - 5

Number of weeks - 1

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