Current science suggest that the more a movement or functional task is performed, the more likely it is for function to return. This is particularly important during the early weeks and months following in injury but good progress can be made years and even decades after an injury.

To facilitate an intensive and targeted approach to regaining function we have developed 5 different packages of treatment to allow you to functionally train in an intensive manner. An assessment will first take place to determine what your individual needs are and to allow us to formulate your rehabilitation package ready for the first day of your treatment.

Our weekly packages consist of 75 hour’s worth of treatment, which will include robotic training, anti-gravity training for arm and on the treadmill, neuro rehabilitation gaming alongside traditional therapy sessions and strengthening. These sessions are divided up over a number of weeks to enable us to tailor the package to suit the individual needs and function abilities of each client. Our ‘Intensive Daily’ package allows you to train with us for the whole day – a nutritious lunch is also provided.

Package 1

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 3

= 25 hrs per week (5 hrs per day)

Package 2

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 5

= 5hrs per day on 3 days per week

Package 3

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 6

= 2.5 hrs per day for 6 weeks

Package 4

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 10

= 2.5 hrs per day on 3 days per week

Package 5

hours of treatment - 5

Number of weeks - 1


In addition to Physiotherapy  and Occupational therapy we can also arrange Speech and Language Therapy, Nutritional Therapy and Psychology input to offer a complete and holistic approach to your treatment.

For clients wishing to come for treatment from further afield we have excellent links with local hotels where you can stay locally to the rehabilitation centre in an accessible and comfortable room. For more information, please contact us on the details below.

Our Services

Complete Neuro Rehab offer a range of services, with a combination often used to treat a variety of conditions.

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