Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy

Our Aim

We focus on regaining as much function as possible with our clients, as soon as possible. Many patients that we see may have received therapy for their lower limbs but the upper limb is frequently neglected by therapists due to a lack of access to specialist equipment and time.

By retraining the upper limb patients regain independence around the home, by being able to perform everyday tasks such as washing and dressing, making drinks, cooking and handling coins and notes.

Our specialist hand and upper limb rehabilitation service uses the very latest in rehabilitation technology to provide a detailed assessment on a number of measures including Spasticity, tone, range of movement, force, grip strength in both the hand as whole and individual digits. Once the assessment has been completed we can use the data from the assessment to set a tailored and targeted rehabilitation programme for patients focussing on improving functional outcomes of the hand arm and shoulder using a wide variety of robotic antigravity, EMG and electrical stimulation devices.  If required we can also advise and make onward referrals for patients on a number of therapy and spasticity management interventions including splinting, at home assistive devices and the use of therapeutic Botox. We enjoy supporting clients to use their arm and hand after neurological injury such as Stroke, SCI, TBI, cerebral palsy and many others.

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Rehabilitation Packages

Package 1

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 3

= 25 hrs per week (5 hrs per day)

Package 2

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 5

= 5hrs per day on 3 days per week

Package 3

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 6

= 2.5 hrs per day for 6 weeks

Package 4

hours of treatment - 75

Number of weeks - 10

= 2.5 hrs per day on 3 days per week

Package 5

hours of treatment - 5

Number of weeks - 1

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